Saturday, February 9, 2013


I told the girls we were going to the doctor about an hour before we left the house.

So I pull out of the driveway and I hear this convo:

Lauren:  Let's go to the grocery store, mom!
Addison:  NO LAUREN!!!  We're going to the doctor!!!  (all in a scolding, "weren't you listening" tone)

And about 10 minutes later, still in the car:

Lauren:  Where is the doctor? (I know she was thinking, "this is taking too long!")
Addison:  I DON'T KNOW!!! 


I yawn after a long day at work.

Lauren says, "Oh no mom, nooooo sleepy now"!!!  Dinner first!


On the way home from the babysitter (Our routine is to watch Tivo'd cartoons while we snack)

Lauren to Addison:  I want Octonauts first, ok?
Addison:  No.  Micky Mouse!
Lauren:  Ok.  Octonauts.
Addison:  Nooooooooooooooooo Lauren!  Micky Mouse!!!  RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

Apparently I say "ridiculous" A LOT!


Lauren says, "I'm busy" about 20 times a day. Not in a mean way, not to get out of doing things, she just declares, "I'm busy!".


Addison in the bathtub:  Ooooooooh!  Hello Kitty Bath (bubblebath)
Me:  Yep.  You have a LOT of Hello Kitty stuff, don't you?
Addison:  Hmmmm.... (puts finger on chin, in thinking mode), Hello Kitty Pillows, Hello Kitty necklace, Hello Kitty washcloth, Hello Kitty jackets, Hello Kitty Slippers...*

They crack me up!!!

*You can't have too much Hello Kitty!  Plus, I once told the inlaws that Addison likes Hello Kitty - so we got a TON of Hello Kitty for Christmas.  Also, I think Hello Kitty is kind of slutty in selling the rights to their image to EVERYONE!  :)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I know! It's crazy what the kids pick up - tone and everything. When I hear myself in Kendra's bossy tone, it's terrible :)

And ridiculous, of course :) :)

Leah said...

Ha! Those are awesome conversations. :) Isn't it hilarious hearing your two children interact? I will never get sick of it. The conversations are so ridiculous, that I just laugh! And octonauts or mickey mouse? Also a battle in our house. . . daily! (said the mom who was never going to let my kiddos watch TV) ;)

Denise said...

It is hilarious to hear them parrot back what you frequently say, isn't it? We say "ridiculous" a lot and when our son says it, it comes out "Ridicurus!" He sounds like Scooby Doo!

Photogrl said...

This post makes me smile!

I can't wait to hear my twins start really conversing. (Big Boy is pretty behind on speech, but we're working on it.)

Thanks for sharing!

Goran Stamenkovic said...
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Susan Yoga said...
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